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A lead generation company is an organization specialized in generating leads for your business. In B2B sales, lead generation companies generate qualified leads behalf of the company. Which one you choose largely depends on your needs and the types of products and services you sell. 

Generate qualified leads with Greyleads

GreyLead can generate qualified leads for your business. We can sell any B2B products or services with the lead generation module. We have 2+ years of experience in generating leads. We know the success formula to reach your target market to sell your product or service to the right person. We always update our technology to be an advanced email marketing agency in India. We closely analyze and understand the email marketing term to be a successful lead generation company.

Email Lead Generation Process

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We start analyzing your product or service. We do research about your industry to understand the market and find out your target clients, And we start qualifying your target to make sure for the further process.

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We do A/B testing to find the right way to reach your target market. We closely check your technical issue to make sure that your email will not reach the spam folder.

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We start a drip campaign to generate a lead for your business. We will make a perfect sales funnel to generate qualified leads. Weekly once we closely check your email content and technical issues.

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We start measuring your drip campaign day by day of open rate, click rate, bounce rate, response rate and unsubscribe rate. To make your drip campaign to increase your email open rate and click rate.

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Weekly once we share the strategy data of the drip campaign. Strategy reports will boost the sales funnel to make improvements.


Frequently asked questions

1- Why is lead generation important?

You can reach out to the decision makers easily with the help of email marketing and can make a face to face appointment to explain about your product or service.

2- Is email lead generation still effective?

Instead of doing 100 cold calls in the whole day and get a 2 to 3 appointment. You can make a automation email marketing campaign and get a 5 to 6 appointment within few minutes.

3- What's the best way I can grow my Email Marketing subscriber list?

Make sure you're sending email to the right people and make your content short and understandable.

4- How do I Increase my Lead Quality?

Once you get the lead, start doing a background check, So that you can measure the lead quality for the further process.

5- What are the top demand generation strategies for startups?

Don't get panicked about a large company size. Go Ahead with confidence and give a practical solution.

What is GreyLeads?

GreyLeads is active from 2019 with the young energetic and talented Buddies.we are Fearless, Innovative, Passionate more than Digital Marketing Agency. We Boost your brand identity and don’t let potential customers pass you by with our outstanding Web Design service. We work together to merge our creative visions to come up with something really spectacular.

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