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Hey! Checkout the CORE UPDATE from Google for December 2020

Google has let out a new core update after a long wait of seven months.

Here is the new core update for 2020 year and is the third core update.

Effectively! For every few months Google used of releasing Google Algorithm update and so May 4,2020 was the last update. So the third update is released after a long while of seven months together.


I would love to show you up the Google’s Tweet announcement, where as google Declared as “later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the December 2020 Core Update.”

Preceding Updates

We have received a long ancient history of Ionized updates on Algorithm, search Index changes and refreshed.

If you were adversely impacted by the past update google has provided you a new update as easy on the eye. As they are simple as questions to answer from our end to check if the site is hit by a core update.

Why we need an update?

Each and ever time when google updates us on Search ranking Algorithms, It doesn’t mean that your site can get better or even worse in the search results. On the Clear sight when the google gives us updates on existent is to understand the change on your website together with anything of change from the google with its ranking algorithm. To further get ranking and updated, watch like a hawk on the release on ranking update and your analytics and ranking

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