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Adapt your lead generation strategy to digital

Instead of investing money in marketing to increase your sale. Sell your product or services straight to the target people with the help of the lead generation module.

Stop push marketing! Use lead generation pull strategies to qualify your visitors, while conveying a good image of your business! Why adapt lead generation for your business? The “blind phoning” or “cold calling” actions no longer work.

Worse, they are time consuming, ineffective and degrade the image of your business with potential prospects. With the Inbound Marketing method of lead generation, the idea is no longer to do door-to-door marketing or untimely emailing, but on the contrary, to attract visitors, so that they testify, themselves '' an interest in your products and services, then maintain this relationship to support them until the act of purchase. Companies that generate 60% of their leads online are twice as profitable as those for which this proportion is 20%, according to data compiled by the Hinge Research Institute. It is necessary to adapt its prospecting to new behaviors and new expectations of buyers. This is the challenge of the digital transformation of sales.

How to turn the visitor into a lead?

When the visitor is an anonymous person of whom the company knows nothing, a lead is a prospect who has chosen to transmit certain personal data to him. This qualification goes through many means: a reduction voucher to download, free content such as a webinar or e-book, a job application, etc. Whatever the scenario deployed, the visitor attests to his interest in the company by leaving a name, an e-mail, a mobile number, information concerning him or his company ...

What are the main lead generation mechanisms?

The generation of leads revolves around 4 mechanisms: - A landing page (or landing page) on which the visitor arrives for a determined reason. For example, its content may raise a key question for which your solution is the most obvious answer. This response being delivered in exchange for: - An offer with high added value, which encourages us to ask for it. - A CTA or call to action button (image, button, message) which encourages clicks. - A form to fill out.

The more valuable the offer, the more information can be requested in return. On what media to disseminate your lead generation offers? To promote these elements, you can rely on as many supports as possible, here are the most effective: - The website's web pages: put consistent links to the landing page, call to action buttons (CTA) ). - The blog: embellish each article with a coherent call to action (CTA). - Email signature: support the prospect in the purchase process with a CTA in text format. - Social networks: describe the added value of the offer.

Press releases

Integrate anchor texts to a landing page. - CPC campaigns (cost per click): optimize the click rate with appropriate CTAs. Do not forget to promote your marketing actions on these 6 basic supports.

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