“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google

It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

Why GreyLeads SEO services?

GreyLeads is the best SEO agency in Chennai. our team have 5+ experience in search engines optimisation. To 94% of consumer & business is searching on the internet before buying new product or services. Its a method of a keyword of search to get relevant information website that top of the list. That's more relevant top of the search. Study show if your website not top of the list. You never reach your customer online. If you ever wonder while competitor better than yours that know it’s because of marketing techniques called SEO. This technique will help your site rank higher than the millions of other websites. The search engine will collect your every page information. It can help you find easily what they are looking for. When your page gets high ranking to make people find you. To get higher ranking your website must have all ingredients that search engine looking for. SEO looks for text, content, links, page titles and other pieces of relevant information contain in the HTML code of your website. To get more business your website has to be on the 1st page of all the major search engine for the specific keyword that relevant to your potential customers. Without SEO your site will never be found in online for your customers. In today competitor world you need solid SEO technique you site will rank top of your search results. We are experts in SEO.

Benefits of working with Greyleads.

Website audit reports, weekly reports will be update, conversation in high rate, new keyword research and clear structure to reach the designation.

Search Engine Optimisation Process.

Website audit

To find your competitor's traffic, backlinks, and social media engagement. What keyword they are using how they ranked and find the other keyword to get more traffic for the product or service.

Competitor Analysis

To analyse the keyword research and find the age of website as well as website structure.

SEO reporting and analysis 

Google analytics, google tag manager and google search console. 

On-Page Optimisation

On-page SEO is a practice of optimising individual web page is to rank on the SEO and get relevant traffic from search engine as a need in optimising content this is present on the page. You want to make sure used sub-heading title tag, meta tag, meta description, keyword density and URL of the page. This is the strategy that you have to follow to gain more traffic by having content on the page.

Off-Page Optimisation 

The off-page SEO with the action of performed outside of your website to increase your ranking on the SEO. This off-page SEO makes up to 75% of good digital strategy. It has Everything to do with your social presence, link building and many more does in present on the page.

Keyword research

 A.Generic keyword.
People who search specific keyword to reach our business.  A generic keyword is harder to rank in 1st page. Because the search volume is so high.

B. Business or product based.
It's based on a brand name, product name, product type keyword research.

C. Locations based.

Its complete keyword + location-based keyword research.

Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

1- How to find new customers through SEO in 2020?

If SEO is a great vector of visibility for your business, the fact remains that it must serve one objective: increasing your turnover. But how do you get SEO to turn your visitors into customers? Some elements of the response. It is now well known, There are three essential pillars for successful SEO: Technical: is your site efficient and well understood by Google? Content: do your pages add value to the user?
Popularity: are other sites talking about you?

2- How to find the right keywords in SEO for your site?

All marketing studies show us that natural and paid referencing (SEA) in Google are the 2 most important channels to acquire visitors and therefore customers. But you still need to know with certainty the research behavior of your potential customers and the keywords they use. So they know their job very well, but often miss out on strong growth opportunities, due to a poor knowledge of keywords carrying traffic: they are thus looking for neglected keywords and / or words - key niches.

3- New SEO features in 2020?

Today more than ever, SEO, and more particularly SEO is crucial to get traffic, especially when you decide to start e-commerce. It is important to apply the right methods to remain visible and to publicize your activity to your customers. However, like the web world itself, SEO is constantly evolving. Each year, new trends and practices appear with updates brought by search engines to help site owners develop their visibility. If you are wondering how to optimize your SEO this year, here is the list of new SEO trends and trends in 2020. Back to SEO news for 2019 Like every year, many changes have taken place in the world of natural referencing in 2019.

What is GreyLeads?

GreyLeads is active from 2019 with the young energetic and talented Buddies.we are Fearless, Innovative, Passionate more than Digital Marketing Agency. We Boost your brand identity and don’t let potential customers pass you by with our outstanding Web Design service. We work together to merge our creative visions to come up with something really spectacular.

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